Prophylaxis – wellness for teeth

Prophylaxis – Wellness for teeth

Beautiful healthy teeth are extremely important for our well-being. With our range of individual prophylaxis, we are able to offer you a real wellness program for your teeth:

1. Dental Health Check-up

The best protection for your teeth: not only is the health status of your teeth examined, the check-up also covers your individual risk of developing dental and periodontal diseases. This involves using the latest testing methods and delivers clear indications of the dental care best suited to you.

2. Professional Dental Cleaning 

Gentle techniques are used to thoroughly remove persistent dental plaque, scale and discoloration. Furthermore, professional cleaning is important in preventing against dental diseases, because it reduces the harmful bacteria in the mouth.

3. Polishing and Fluoride Treatment

We offer you a perfect finish – so your smile stays radiant long after cleaning: Polishing imparts an attractive shine to your teeth and smoothes the surfaces for some time so they no longer present a target for attack. Subsequent impregnation of all teeth with fluoride provides effective protection against decay.

4. Up-to-date Dental Care Tips

Look forward to tips and tricks for even more effective dental care, information on new oral hygiene products and their correct use, as well as ideas on nutrition for maintaining healthy teeth. You are welcome to contact our prophylaxis team at any time with any questions on dental aesthetics and dental health.

Special: Prophylaxis for Dental Prosthetics

Implants allow the function and aesthetics of almost every tooth to be perfectly substituted. Implant-borne teeth not only look like real teeth, they are as uncomplicated to care for too. With professional dental cleaning and regular prophylaxis, roughly every three months, implants can last a lifetime.