Our Services

Our Services


Prophylaxe Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel


We offer professional tooth cleaning to keep your teeth healthy and we also offer regular examinations to prevent tooth decay and periodontitis.

Zahnästhetik Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Dental Aesthaetics

Bleaching gives you white teeth again and gives you a brilliant smile . Unattractive interdental spaces and tooth surfaces can be improved by veneering.

Laserbehandlung Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Laser Treatment

High-accuracy laser technology can be used to treat cavities and periodontitis, for minor surgical procedures and root-canal treatment – atraumatic and almost entirely without pain.

Prothetik Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel


We work closely with dental laboratories on whose quality we can rely absolutely so we can offer you quality prosthetics – inlay, crowns, bridges or dentures.

Funktionsdiagnostik Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Functional Diagnostics

Malformation of the jaw can cause problems in the jaw joint, radiating pain and other complications. Functional diagnostics can detect the causes and treat them appropriately.

Oralchirurgie Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Oral Surgery

We conduct all required surgical procedures in the mouth and maxillary sinus region as day surgery.

Moderne 3D Technologie Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Modern 3D-Technology

We use modern 3D imaging technology for accurate diagnostics and treatment planning. Computed tomography gives a spatial image of the anatomical structures and shows even the smallest details.

Gesichtsschmerz Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Facial Pain

With a precise diagnosis we determine the causes of different pain syndromes. We help you effectively with our treatment strategies and offer you a therapy tailored to your individual problem.

Kieferorthopädie Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Invisalign / Orthodontics

With the help of orthodontics, we prevent and treat adult and maxillary malformations in adults.

Örtliche Betäubung Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Treatment under local anaesthetic

We can offer almost all procedures as day surgery with a modern anesthetic procedure to prevent pain such as local anesthesia and a highly qualified medical team.

Kinderzahnheilkunde Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Paedriatic Dentistry

We teach children how to keep their teeth healthy. Good care of the first set of teeth is the best basis for healthy teeth as an adult.

Parodontologie Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel


Periodontitis is a disease of the gums that cause tooth loss if it is not treated. We offer regular prophylaxis and modern treatment methods.

Endodontie Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel


Natural teeth can be retained for years with modern methods of root treatment.

Zahnimplantate Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel


With dental implants missing teeth can be replaced perfectly, because they are the closest possible substitute for nature both functionally and aesthetically. Dental implants also mean that it is not necessary to grind neighboring teeth and they can also prevent bone resorption.

Präzise Diagnostik Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Accurate Diagnostics

We offer modern imaging diagnostic procedures for the entire head region – a detailed diagnosis can be made for appropriate treatment.

Schöne Zähne Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Bone Formation

To stably anchor dental implants, sufficient jawbone must be present. Missing or regressed bones are rebuilt with the help of bone substitutes and endogenous bone.

Zahnärztliche Chirurgie Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Dental Surgery

With microsurgical surgical techniques, we remove minimally invasive and gentle inflammatory sites at the apex and preserve your teeth. If necessary, we also remove displaced or infected wisdom teeth.

Oral Scanner Zahnarzt Jörgensen Basel

Oral Scanner

Modern digital CAD / CAM procedures record the corresponding location in the mouth with high precision and display the result immediately on the monitor.

We strive to help every patient to have the healthy smile of their dreams.

Our Services


Modern dentistry today offers a wide range of different treatment options. Together with you, our team selects the optimal solution for your individual “dental situation”.

The patient comes first and receives the best possible treatment from us.

With a stress-free and quiet atmosphere created by the team and ambience, we make sure that our patients feel comfortable and in good hands.

Wartezimmer Zahnarztpraxis Jörgensen Basel